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File Your Own Application

The filing of copyright applications is a very easy and proactive method of protecting your intellectual property and works.  These filings can provide you with leverage in infringement matters and help you avoid legal headaches down the line. In our Basic IP Education program, we provide you with the tools and training to file your own copyright applications.

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Let Us File For You

We provide you with the tools and training to file your own copyright applications. But that doesn't mean you have to! Save yourself the hassle and take advantage of our reasonable filing rates when you complete our Copyright Application Information Form.

Free-Level $135/Application + Standard Filing & Service Fees

Save $45 on each filing.

Save $80 on each filing.

Artist-Level (Annual) 2 Free-Service Filings & $100/Application + Standard Filing & Service Fees

Save $360 on your first two filings.  All you pay is the standard filing and service fees for each application. Save $80 on each additional filing.

What's My Standard Filing Fee?

The standard filing fee is a required fee by the government and covers their costs in processing your copyright application.

$35  Individual Copyrighting One Work

$55  Individual Copyrighting Multiple Works

$55  Business Entity Copyrighting One or Multiple Works

What's My Service Fee?

The service fee helps us defray the costs of Paypal payments. The amount you are charged is based off of your standard filing fee.

$1  For Standard Filing Fee of $35

$2  For Standard Filing Fee of $55



In order to file a copyright application for you, we will need you to:
  1. Click the Copyright Information Form button below to complete and submit the Copyright Information Form
  2. Email us the works to be protected under the application (images of 2D and 3D artwork or the text of a literary work)
  3. Click the File a Copyright Application button below and pay for the application via PayPal (or you may mail a check, made out to Copyright Collaborative, LLC, to our address on the Contact page).





Get Help With Your Copyright Application Information Form

We will file your copyright application for you, and list you as the correspondent and recipient of the resulting copyright registration.  Under rare circumstances, you may receive correspondence or an office action from the U.S. Copyright Office.  Should you receive correspondence or an office action for your copyright application, please either email or mail a copy of the correspondence to Copyright Collaborative and we will advise you on how to proceed.

Get Help with your Copyright Application Information Form

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