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All Membership Levels

The following programs are available to all membership levels, including our Free membership. It’s important to note that while the Copyright Filing Program is available to all levels, the pricing varies based upon your chosen membership level.

Basic IP Education Program

This program allows you to learn all about intellectual property and how to protect your works. This program provides two tools to help you learn: ABCs of Intellectual Property and Video Tutorials.

ABCs of Intellectual Property

Receive a comprehensive, but plainly stated review of intellectual property laws and concepts. For instance, learn the difference between copyright, trademarks and patents.

Video Tutorials

Receive step by step instructions for methods to protect your intellectual property rights. For instance, you might want to file a for a copyright, but not really know how to go about it. We provide a video tutorial on how to file a copyright application electronically.

Movement Against Creative Shoplifting (MACS) Program

The MACS program uses the power of its collective membership to fight the prevalent practice of intellectual property infringement. Through the program, members can:

  • share experiences with infringement
  • add imitations of their works to the Hall of Effigies
  • advertise their collective support against infringement
  • promote and sign petition letters directed towards repeat infringement violators

Copyright Filing Program

The filing of copyright applications is a very easy and proactive method of protecting your intellectual property and works.  These filings can provide you with leverage in infringement matters and help you avoid legal headaches down the line. In our Basic IP Education program, we provide you with the tools and training to file your own copyright applications. But that doesn’t mean you have to! Save yourself the hassle and take advantage of our reasonable filing rates when you complete our Copyright Application Information Form.

Free-Level $135/Application + Standard Filing & Service Fees

Save $45 each time you file a copyright application.

Artist Level (monthly) $100/Application + Standard Filing & Service Fees

Save $80 each time you file a copyright application.

Artist-Level (annual) 2 Free Filings & $100/Application + Standard Filing & Service Fees

Save $360 on your first two filings.  All you pay is the standard filing and service fees for each application. Save $80 on each additional filing by paying only $100 per application.

What’s My Standard Filing Fee?

The standard filing fee is a required fee by the government and covers their costs in processing your copyright application.

$35  Individual Copyrighting One Work

$55  Individual Copyrighting Multiple Works

$55  Business Entity Copyrighting One or Multiple Works

What’s My Service Fee?

The service fee helps us defray the costs of Paypal payments. The amount you are charged is based off of your standard filing fee.

$1  For Standard Filing Fee of $35

$2  For Standard Filing Fee of $55


Artist Membership Level

The following programs are only available with the Artist memberships. If you decide to upgrade from a Free membership, these are some of the added benefits you will receive in addition to better discounts on the Copyright Filing Program.

Advanced IP Education Program

This program allows you to deepen your knowledge about intellectual property through the use of two tools: IP FAQ and Ask an Attorney.


Receive answers to frequently asked questions about specific and complex intellectual property issues.  The answers provide general solutions that can be used in members’ everyday situations and dilemmas.

Ask an Attorney

Receive customized guidance from experienced intellectual property attorneys on your specific intellectual property issues. When needed, attorney referrals are also provided.

Electronic Copyright Depository

This program stems from the concept of a “Poor Man’s Copyright.” Prior to the age of computers, when artists and writers were too financially strapped to file a copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office, they would seal their works in envelopes and mail the envelopes to themselves.  The postage mark stamped the time and date onto the envelope, and was legal proof of when the works were created. Our Electronic Depository program works the same way without the cost of a stamp. When you upload a copy of your work to the depository, the time and date of the upload is recorded as well. This action provides legal proof of when you created your works.

Time & Date Stamp Secure legal proof that your works were created before any infringing copies. The depository marks when the file is uploaded. To maintain accurate dates and times of creation, you must upload your files in a timely manner after creation.

Central File Storage Organize and manage your works in a centrally located filing system that you can access from any device with an internet connection. Don’t worry about losing files or tracking creation dates.  Our depository can do that for you.

Control Shared Access Sometimes you will have to share your files with third parties for business purposes (e.g. a potential licensing deal). To protect you and your works, our depository acts as a file-sharing solution where you maintain file ownership at all times. When you share a file with a third-party, the depository records who you shared the files with and allows you to revoke access to the files at anytime. This solution allows prove who had access to your files in case of infringement.

Accessible Filing of Copyrighted Works After a copyright application is submitted, the U.S. Copyright Office does not allow you to access or view the works associated with the application again. Our depository allows you to create folders for each copyright application you file.  Unlike your Copyright Applications, these folders can be referred to later on to recall which works you submitted with each copyright application.

Infringement Deterrence Program

Deter infringement by using the two tools provided by this program: the IP Transfer Acknowledgement Form and the IP Cheat Sheet.

IP Transfer Acknowledgement Form

Use this form any time you are providing third parties with access to your works.  By using this form, you are informing third parties that you understand your rights and won’t stand for infringement.

IP Cheat Sheet

Our quick referral guide on intellectual property basics, proper designation of your works, and reasons why you should protect your rights.

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