About Copyright Collaborative

Copyright Collaborative has a serious and sincere passion for helping artists and creative businesses in the intellectual property arena. We are a membership-based company working to ignite a movement against the prevalent problem of infringement. But we are only able to do this with the help and unified voices of our members.


Why We Established Copyright Collaborative

Over the last decade, infringement of intellectual property has increased exponentially.  When infringement increases, it most severely impacts artists and small business owners like our members. Considering to the nature of your creative work, it’s understandable that you may not have had the time or inclination to learn the intellectual property laws.  You are not alone. However, your lack of knowledge has now made you unprepared to fight the “whack-a-mole” practice that infringement is becoming.

The time and money required to address an infringement issue leaves many feeling utterly helpless on how to fight back. Often times, it may not seem worth the headache to even try. Many artists and creative businesses have found that the easiest way to deal with infringement is to turn a blind eye. We established Copyright Collaborative because we think artists and creative businesses shouldn’t have to endure infringement simply because they lack time, money, or knowledge.

How We Fight Infringement

While hiring an attorney to litigate infringement on a case-by-case basis is often a worthwhile endeavor, you can only afford the costs if you have significant financial resources. Likewise, hiring an attorney to fight one instance of infringement saves money, but ultimately will not close that company or stop their infringing practices. At Copyright Collaborative, we provide an alternative solution to infringement that is cost effective and successful at deterring infringement.

When you’re fighting alone, combating infringement is a timely and costly endeavor. But as a unionized front, our members have the capacity and confidence to combat infringement while saving time and money. Copyright Collaborative provides you with tools and a platform to stand up with other artists and creative businesses against the toxic practice of creative theft.

How We Can Help You

When you join Copyright Collaborative, we help you understand the value and importance of your intellectual property rights. We educate you on how you can proactively deter infringement, and our programs provide you with tools to manage and protect your intellectual property.

As a company, our key purpose is to unionize the voices of individual artists and small businesses to condemn the casual and prevalent practice of intellectual property theft in our culture. As a member, you are a part of a larger collective working to combat the cultural acceptance of creative theft.

We will:

  • Educate you about their intellectual property rights
  • Help you understand the importance of your intellectual property rights
  • Assist you in proactively protecting and managing your intellectual property rights
  • Teach you how to incorporate practices into your businesses which will deter infringement
  • Create a movement that condemns intellectual property theft with the assistance and voices of our members
  • Do all of the above at a reasonable cost to our members

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