Condemn Infringement

Infringement Free Certification Program

Members of this program receive certification for their compliance and adherence to infringement free policies set by Copyright law and by Copyright Collaborative’s guidelines relating to the manufacture, purchase and distribution of infringing items. By becoming certified, you are joining a community of like-minded and trustworthy individuals and entities who you can work with on business projects without fear of intellectual property theft.

Once you are certified as Infringement Free, you can use Infringement Free logos and esignations to proudly display your status. Places where members display their status include: on storefronts, on websites, on social media pages, on catalogs, and on trade show booths.

COST: Pricing varies based on the size of the entity seeking certification, but includes an application fee and an annual membership fee. Please see the application for specific pricing for you.


Policing Program

Many artists and small businesses have their works stolen and knocked-off without even knowing about it. The Policing Program searches for and reports on unauthorized use of your works. This program has Copyright Collaborative’s Copyright Infringement Agents (CIA) scour the internet, catalogues, websites and trade shows for counterfeit copies and report the results of their search to members.

COST: This program can be requested by members of any level, though pricing varies based upon membership level. The Policing Program costs $60/hr for Free Members and $50/hr for Artist Members.



Fill out the form below to let us know about it.

    Have your designs or products been infringed or knocked off? If so, please provide us with the following information:

    Please email photographs of your design/product that was infringed, as well as a photograph of the infringing design/product if possible to Please include your name or company name in the subject line.

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