Movement Against Creative Shoplifting (MACS)

What is MACS?

Copyright Collaborative’s Movement Against Creative Shoplifting – or MACS – Program wants to use the power of the voices of its collective membership to fight the prevalent practice of intellectual property infringement. Our MACS Program gives Copyright Collaborative’s members the opportunity to do so by sharing their experiences with infringement, promoting and signing petition letters directed to repeat infringers, demonstrate that they are proud members of a collective against infringement, and to become certified as “infringement-free” entities. Use the programs below to get your voice heard.

Have you experienced copyright infringement?

Share Your Infringement Stories! Sharing and identification of past infringement experiences will not only allow you, the member, to vent your frustrations and connect with other victims of infringement, but can also help Copyright Collaborative to shape and develop its programs to better assist its members with deterring and eradicating theft of original works.

Please use this form to share your experiences of infringement with Copyright Collaborative. If you don’t want us to share your story on Copyright Collaborative’s website, we will honor your wishes, and will utilize your story and experiences only to craft more effective programs and to better understand the problem as it affects artists and small businesses


Infringement Spotlight: Stop Repeat Infringers

Start or Sign a Petition Letter! Use your voice to condemn casual infringers. Many companies are making a lot of profit from stealing original works, designs and creations and feeding them through quick, cheap (and often times overseas) production. Infringement is often an integral part of their business models. Copyright Collaborative aims to call these infringers out in an effort to condemn this behavior and to change the landscape of creative theft.

We direct petition letters against companies who we’ve determined to be the biggest violators. All of our petition letters our shared via our blog. Please feel free to sign our petitions. And of course, if you’d like to call out an infringer not on our list, please email us the name of the alleged infringer and any pertinent facts about specific infringement case here.

Show Your Support with MACS Swag!

Promote the Movement Against Creative Shoplifting”]Copyright Collaborative finds strength in membership and support of the cause to end infringement. As a Copyright Collaborative member, please feel free to use this LOGO or this LOGO and Placard Design to show your support of Copyright Collaborative and to inform others of your desire to protect your works and fight infringement

Copy & Paste the code below to embed on your site:


<div class=”embed-container”><iframe style=”border: 0;” src=”×150.png” width=”100%” height=”100%” seamless=”seamless”></iframe></div>

Copy & Paste the code below to embed on your site:

<div class=”embed-container”><iframe style=”border: 0;” src=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” seamless=”seamless”></iframe></div>


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Help show your support for Copyright Collaborative and MACS by wearing your heart on your sleeve…or rather, the bumper of your car. We have several different designs and colors to choose from and more swag options, like t-shirts and coffee mugs, coming later.


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